Thursday, March 28, 2013

Day Twenty-Eight

As you view this lovely garden gate I would suggest that you contemplate what is on the other side. 

As citizens of the United States of America, we would do well to also contemplate what is on the other side.

This is expecially true as we prepare every two years to vote on who will represent us in the U. S. Congress.

As I contemplate what is currently going on in our beloved United States I often get the impression that We The People have not been doing to well lately when we select our lawmakers. 

Sequestration appears to have been a big emphasis on nothing.  If I read correctly our Secretary of Defense has announced that the anticipated 21 or 22 day furloughs for civilian workers may now be reduced to 14 days. 

I get the impression that our President and those who surround him are coming to their senses.  They may be comprehending that "We The People" see through this scam when we hear how our top Leaders continue to enjoy their self appointed Lavish lifestyles. 

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