Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Day Twenty-Six

Last week I had the pleasure to visit a Garden of over 200 acres.  The daffodils were in various states covering over 20 acres of tree studded property.  As I strolled through the gardens I was impressed with the beauty that surround me at ever turn of the path.

I understand that there are 20 different types of daffodils so there are blooms each and every week of March.

I received the impression that the designer of the Garden had a Vision for the total project.  In addition to the daffodil gardens there is a Japanese Garden that takes up 40 acres.  This garden is such a calm and peaceful place to simply sit a spell and take in the beauty.  My frequent readers here know that in recent days I have been offering proposals/solutions to our duly elected officials in Washington D. C. as they fuss and feud about how to manage our Nation's finances.  Today, I am suggesting that they have a vision for what We The People need in the next fifty years.  I would suggest that they act to insure that this is possible.  I know for a fact that we cannot spend out way out of debt.  The immediate future may be a challenge, but I think that most Americans realize that we simply cannot continue as we have in the past ten years.  A debt of over 16 trillion!!!!!  

My Dear Mr. President and Lawmakers - Do What Is Right.  Develop A Vision and Work as a Team to make that Vision come to life.  Thank You!!!!!

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