Monday, March 04, 2013

Day Four

 What a lovely day in Middle Georgia U. S. A.  Citizens of Macon, Georgia are busy preparing for the 31st Annual Cherry Blossom Festival.

Even the Pink Poodles are in place. The large spotted one is the 2010 Pink Poodle.  The Middle Poodle is the 2011 Version and the one on the right is the 2012 Version.  These Poodles have a place of honor at my home.  They are the official Greeters.

Some readers of this Blog Post may not know that Macon, Georgia has over 300,000 Cherry Trees that Bloom every Spring.  That I understand is many, many more than adorn our Nation's Capitol, Washington, D.C.  I also understand that Macon, Georgia is known as the "Cherry Blossom Capitol of the World."

You will note that these poodles have also become the victim of "Sequestration."  They are wearing the same ribbons and bows as last year.  Certainly appropriate to cut back expenditures as we look forward to a better United States of America with the potential of a debt free system that our own dear Grand Children will appreciate. 

One nice feature of a digital camera - they do not require film and any bad images can simply be deleted without undue expenditure of funds.

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